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Porsche Announces additions and removals for “Paint-to-Sample” colors

Changes for the 911 and 718

Porsche has announced the additions and removals of colors for Paint-to-Sample. Here is the list for the 911 and 718.

New additions:

  • Aubergine (4AI)

  • Aventurine Green Metallic (Y86)

  • Azure Blue 356 (5ZA)

  • Essmann Green (24C)

  • Moon Gem (4OS)

  • Pure White (Z99)

  • South Sea Blue Metallic (5SO)

  • Verde British Racing Green (611)

  • X Blue (Z91)

Discontinuations (for now, at least):

  • Classic Silver Metallic (X7W)

  • Cognac Metallic (M8Z)

  • Fire Red (86D)

  • Gemini Metallic (335)

  • Gold Bronze Metallic (Z52)

  • Light Ivory (Y09)

  • Lime Gold Metallic (5P1)

  • Racing Green Metallic (Y68)

  • Racing Red (Y81)

Aubergine is a historic Porsche color, offered on the 911 for model years ‘72 through ‘75. Aventurine Green Metallic is a modern Porsche color that was recently discontinued as a standard color on the 718 and 992 for MY24. Azure Blue 356 is a modern take of a ‘51-‘53 356 color, originally introduced on the 992 GTS Cabriolet America Edition. Essmann Green is the family color of the Essmanns. Moon Gem is a modern take of the historic Porsche color, Moonstone (Lilac), which was originally offered on all Porsches for model years ‘79 and ‘80. Very excited for this. Pure White is a modern VW color, not to be confused with White. South Sea Blue Metallic is a modern Mercedes-Benz color, originally introduced on the first-generation GLA and CLA, and now offered on the G-Class. Verde British Racing Green is a Ferrari color and is darker than British Racing Green. X Blue is a modern Porsche color introduced for the 992 Belgian Legend Edition.


As for the discontinued colors (hopefully not permanently) – Gemini Metallic, a historic Porsche color, and Racing Green Metallic, an Aston Martin color, are very surprising to see go because they have been very popular through PTS. Fire Red and Racing Red (formerly Rosso Corsa) are understandable given both were not popular. Cognac Metallic and Lime Gold Metallic are former 981/991 colors, while Classic Silver Metallic is a former Cayenne color. Light Ivory is a historic Porsche color that I am also sad to see go.

Which of the new PTS colors are you most excited to see? And which of the discontinued PTS colors are you saddest to see them go?

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