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Porsche Of The Day: 2009 RUF Rt12

RUF introduced the RT12 during the initial phase of the 997-generation Porsche 911, following the 996 model. Unlike typical sports car generations that begin with base versions and progress to more extreme variants, the early years of the 997 didn’t include a 500-horsepower 997 Turbo.

The RT12 sported a sleek 997-style body, but under the hood roared a modified beast – a 650-horsepower engine derived from the 996 Turbo. This powerhouse propelled the RT12 to a staggering top speed exceeding 224 mph, effectively offering impatient enthusiasts a taste of what a high-performance 997 Turbo could be.

But the RT12 wasn’t just a retuned Porsche. RUF builds and customizes cars, so key components like body panels and the transmission were uniquely RUF-made. This resulted in a distinct driving experience. The six-speed manual was known for its notchy, robotic shifts, and the front end dipped aggressively during braking.

Photos by Robin Adams courtesy of RM Sotheby’s