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Porsche of the Day – 1971 Porsche 916

The Porsche 916 can definitely be called Porsche’s hidden gem. The 916 is Porsche’s rarest model is in fact one of the rarest vehicles in the world today. Produced in 1971, only 11 cars of this magnificent model were made and they were all prototypes.

In 1971 the designers of the Porsche factory had a vision and hand, to build the first Porsche 916 prototype. This unique style of two-seater mid-engines would lead to the production of the Porsche 914 series. It was affectionately called Brutus and this 916 was given to Corina Piech, daughter of Ferdinand Piech, president of Porsche Automobile Holdings and Volkswagen AG. Brutus was factory built with many special options, including the 2.9 liter RSR factory racing engine, special body and wheels, 100 liter RSR fuel tank and custom interior. Corina Piech drove Brutus for 6 years and sold the car to an American military colonel in Germany. The car was then imported to the US where she stayed with the colonel until he passed.

The Porsche 916 is a special version of the Porsche 914, which is distinguished by various body modifications and more powerful engines of the 911 series. All Porsche 916s – only 11 units were built – born in 1971 and named with fender bullets which were of the known 914/6 GT on a fixed steel roof and various rkungen welded amplifiers, which should ensure greater torsional rigidity. Over 916 of the 190 hp engine a powerful 2.4-liter 6-cylinder Porsche 911 S was used, the fastest the car up to 233 km / h for the first three Porsches. The rest of the Porsche 916 has the 2.7-liter engine of the Porsche 911 Carrera with 210 hp. Of the 11, five Porsche 916 cars are found in the Porsche and Piëch families.