You might first want to see all the modifications of the Porsche 917

Porsche 917 Spyder

Premiere: August 17, 1969 Can-Am Mid-Ohio race

Interserie winner 1971

917 PA Spyder © unknown (please inform us if you know)

917 Spyder was the topless version of the 917 K, created for the Can-Am racing. There were two 917 Spyders created by the factory, chassis 917-027 and -028. The 027 was a test car and the 028 was made for action. As it was created for Porsche+Audi (PA), the American brand that marketed Porsches and Audis in the USA, the car was called the 917 PA. Only chassis 028 was called the 917 PA. It was raced by Jo Siffert at five Can-Am races in 1969. His best result was third at the Bridgehampton race. For the final round of the 1969 Can-Am, the car received a new showel-like nose. In this configuration it was only raced once.

917 PA with the new nose for the last race in 1969 © unknown (please inform us if you know)

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