Porsche 917/20 Turbo (917/30-001)

Premiere: July 15, 1973 Interserie Hockenheim

Interserie winner 1974

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Interserie 1973  5.0F12 twin-turbo
Interserie 1974  4.5F12 twin-turbo

The 917/20 Turbo is a confusing car - its chassis number reads 917/30-001, but it is not the real 917/30. In its first race it was called as the 917/10 Turbo. Sharp eye can detect that it was not just the 917/10 Turbo, but an evolution of it. At the same time it was not the evolution of the 1971 Le Mans 917/20. Still, the car should not be called as the 917/30 to distinct it from the "real" 917/30 Can-Am racers and in 1974 it was decided to call it as the 917/20 Turbo.

The 917/30-001 was first raced on July 15, 1973, at the Interserie Hockenheim race, which it won driven by Vic Elford and wearing the orange Jägermeister alcohol company livery. The car was sold on and appeared in two more Interserie races in 1973. Then it was sold again, now to Martini Racing. The engine was de-tuned from 5-litre to 4.5-litre. Driver Herbert Müller dominated the full 1974 Interserie season with this Martini 917. Promoting alcohol with racing was not a thing of shame at the time.

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917/30-001 posters. On the 1973 poster the car is referred to as the 917/10 Turbo and on the 1974 poster as the 917/20 Turbo.1: © Porsche, 2: © Martini Racing

The last race entered - and won - by this 917, was Interserie's Hockenheim event on April 13, 1975. The car was driven by the 1974 Interserie winner Herbert Müller.

© James Herne / Stuttcars.com

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