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Porsche 917/10 Turbo

Premiere: June 11, 1972 Can-Am Mosport

Can-Am winner 1972, Interserie winner 1972-1973

1972 Can-Am Championship winner 917/10 Turbo 5.0 (chassis 917/10-003) of George Follmer. Photo taken at Road America on August 27, 1972.© Porsche


4.5F12 twin-turbo  625 kW
5.0F12 twin-turbo  735 kW
5.4F12 twin-turbo  820 kW
Note: the power figures are highly speculative on turbocharged cars

After the large-engined cars were banned from the Manufacturers' World Championship starting from 1972, Porsche concentrated on Can-Am championship. Naturally, They needed winning cars and knew that they needed more power from their engines. Remember, the dominating McLarens had 8.1-litre engines. Always thinking big, engineer Ferdinand Piëch let to develop a 16-cylinder engine in 1971 that was tested in the 917 Spyder prototype. The experimental turbocharged 12-cylinder was also created. They soon realized that it was easier to pump out the power from the turbocharged 12-cylinder than from the normally aspirated 16-cylinder. The turbo-power was not ready by the beginning of the 1972 racing season, so the first races were entered with naturally aspirated 917/10.

The first ever publically seen Turbo Porsche was the 917/10 Turbo with chassis number 917/10-011. It was entered for the June 11, 1972 Can-Am Mosport race. Mark Donohue was fastest in the qualification, but scored second in the 80 laps race after the 8.1-litre McLaren. The "Porsche Turbo"-era had begun. Eight 917/10 were racing in 1972 in Can-Am and in Interserie. Four of them started their careers as 917/10 Turbo (chassis 001, 003, 005 and 011) and four were 917/10 with turbo conversions. Although the 917/10 that were fitted with turbo engines, performed well, but to win the race you needed also the new bodywork of the 917/10 Turbo. The Turbo dominated on both shores of the Atlantic and there were even three dates in the season, when not only the race was on the same day on both shores, but was also won by Porsche on the same day. World domination. With the power output of around 1000 hp, the 917/10K Turbo easily won the 1972 Interserie and Can-Am championships. The European star was Leo Kinnunen of Keimola Racing Team AAW and the American star was George Follmer of Penske Racing.

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