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Porsche 904 Spyder (1965)

Premiere: May 9, 1965, Targa Florio

1965 May 9, Targa Florio, 904 Spyder chassis 906-008 © unknown (please inform if you know)

Engine: Porsche type 771, 2.0-litre flat-8, 191 kW

For 1965 racing season Porsche built five 904 Spyders for its own use - chassis 906-003, -004, -007, -008 and -009. All 904 spyders had 8-cylinder 2-litre engines. There were two body variants, the 003, 004 and 009 cars had natural Spyder look as you would expect from a Porsche of that era, while the 007 and 008 had not so pleasing design. To increase cornering capability in hillclimbing, the overhangs were shortened. While the spyder-version of the 904 has often been called as a Bergspyder, it was not just used for hillclimbing. The spyders also got nicknamed as 'kangaroo' because of the roadholding - the lightweight cars with stiff suspensions jumped on bad roads.

The first racing event for the 904 Spyder was 1965 Targa Florio held on May 9.

1965 Targa Florio: the Porsche factory team has arrived. The headlamps of the 904 Spyder could be popped out when needed - something that we would see 12 years later on a Porsche 928. © Porsche

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