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Porsche Le Mans Living Legend Concept (2016)

A Stunning Mid-engined Sports Car Study by Porsche

Porsche Mission 70 Concept (Le Mans Living Legend)

Porsche Le Mans Living Legend Concept  (2016)

This is a hard model of a mid-engine sports car study. The shape is stunning and while this idea looks totally futuristic, there are telltale signs of Porsche’s past too. For example, the number 154 with that exact font and typography was used on the hardtop version of the Porsche 550 for the 1953 La Carrera Panamericana race.

This extreme road sports car based on the Porsche Boxster is reminiscent of the groundbreaking Porsche 550 racing coupé that started in 1953 at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The front and rear bonnet open in opposite directions and fuel is supplied via a central nozzle at the front. At the rear is an eight-cylinder engine with excessive sound development. The engine of the concept is also embedded with a pair of large air intakes. The concept also served as a preview to what would be the next Porsche 718 Cayman GT4.