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Porsche Club of America’s Werks Reunion

Porsche Club of America Werks Reunion

Werks Reunion 2024

Porsche Club of America’s popular annual car show, Werks Reunion, is again headed to Monterey, California, on Friday, August 16, 2024, during Monterey car week — the day before the Pebble Beach Concours. The East Coast Werks Reunion was just held a day before the Amelia Island Concours on March 1.

Porsche Club of America Werks Reunion

Porsche Club of America Werks Reunion

Love Porsches? Don’t Miss Werks Reunion

Werks Reunion showcases a breathtaking array of Porsches — from rare classics to current models and everything in between — that are sure to excite Porsche enthusiasts. Porsche Club of America (PCA) welcomes all Porsche clubs, owners, and enthusiasts to attend these fun events. Membership is not required to participate in this celebration of Porsche automobiles.

Previous Years of Porsche Werks Reunion

With the inaugural Werks Reunion in 2014 during Monterey Week, our team at Stuttcars is proud to attend the Porsche Werks Reunion over the years.

Porsche Club of America Werks Reunion

Werks Reunion was created by the Porsche Club of America as an event to celebrate both the Porsche marque as well as the camaraderie of being an enthusiast. This is not a contest of who has removed dust from the deepest crevices in their Porsche but rather a judged show that rewards a Porsche that has been lovingly maintained and presents itself well on the field. This is a casual gathering of Porsche enthusiasts focused on having fun rather than solely competition.

Porsche Club of America Werks Reunion

The show is divided into multiple fairways, with judged, special display Porsches, and corral cars arranged on different fairways at prestigious golf courses. The Porsches in the corral will be divided by model. Give yourself plenty of time to see all three fairways. Expect nearly 1,000 Porsches in total, not including general parking.

This year, the ’73 and ’74 Porsche 911 Carreras with ducktails are the featured models at the events. You will find a grouping of these models on display as well as virtually every other model Porsche produced.

Porsche Club of America Werks Reunion

Learn More About Werks Reunion

For more information about both East Coast and West Coast Werks Reunion events, click here.

PCA members know the unbridled joy that owning a Porsche can provide, and we’ve built a community around that very feeling. PCA offers driving activities, social gatherings, autocross, track days, high performance driver education, club racing, technical assistance, car shows, insider exclusives, premieres, and camaraderie second to none. PCA has grown to over 165,000 members in 148 regions throughout the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Learn more about the Porsche Club of America at