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Porsche 968 Cabriolet (1992 – 1995)

Cabriolets came with reinforced bodyshells to compensate for the lack of a roof.

Porsche 968 Cabriolet
Porsche 968 Cabriolet Profile - Large
Porsche 968 Cabriolet
1992 - 1995
4,374 units
3.0 L Nat Aspirated Inline 4
236 bhp @ 6200 rpm
225 ft lbs @ 4100 rpm
0 - 60 mph
6.30 seconds
Top Speed
156 mph

(1992 – 1995) Porsche 968 Cabriolet – Ultimate Guide

Launched in August 1991 for the 1992 model year, the 968 was available in two body styles: a Coupe and a Cabriolet. Cabriolets came with reinforced bodyshells to compensate for the lack of a roof. Porsche quoted a weight of 1370kg for the Coupe and 1440kg for the Cabriolet. Cabriolet top speeds were slightly slower owing to their messier aerodynamics, but it was dynamically pretty impressive despite the non-coupe body.

All Porsche 968 cabriolets started life as coupes and were converted into cabriolet form by ASC in Heilbronn Germany. Upon conversion they were shipped back to Zuffenhausen for final assembly alongside the 911 and 928.

The 968 was the “entry level” Porsche cabriolet for the 4 years of its production. When it was first introduced in 1992 the 6 speed cab had a base sticker price of $51,000 while the tiptronic was priced at $54,150. Prices increased for the model year 93-95 cabs with the base price increasing to $51,900 for the 6 speed version and $55,050 for the tipronic.

North American spec 968 cabriolets were offered with the full range of Porsche factory-based options as well as the exterior and interior color choices. Unlike ROW (Rest of World) 968s, Cabriolets destined for the US were 2 seaters and outfitted with a double glove box/package tray unit where the rear seats would typically be found. The reason for this is that Porsche did not want to go through the trouble of producing a US-mandated 3-point lap belt system for the rear cabriolet passengers.

That said, it should be noted that you can still locate the factory installed rear seat belt nuts in the floor of your US-spec 968 cab if you are interested in the popular retrofit. Another interesting note, the 55 North American 968 cabs produced with the Canadian package retained their rear seats!