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​Porsche 956B-114

​​​​Factory-built car in identical spec to works Rothmans car, replete with fetching green Skoal-Bandit podium-winning livery.

​Porsche 956-110 (1983)

A rare bird, even by 956 standards, this is one of just four chassis built for the world championship to what is now known as 956B specification. Of these just three survive, chassis 956/116 being completely destroyed in the crash at Spa in 1985 which tragically claimed the life of Stefan Bellof. Chassis 956/117 is the Joest back to back double Le Mans winner.

The 956B is a customer version of the works Rothmans 956, with the same bespoke Singer profile chassis underside but and with an engine running full Bosch Motronic engine management. It may not sound like a big deal but it was. Fully electronic and integrated ignition and injection made much closer control of the combustion process possible. There were three distinct benefits: more power, better fuel consumption and a more progressive throttle response, largely because Motronic permitted much high compression ratios to be used. Although the first factory 956 was fitted with Motronic late in 1982, it would be 1984 before they got around to putting it onto customer cars, by which stage it had already developed the 962, first to race in North America and then, in 1985 as the 962C, in Group C.

956/114 did three full seasons with Fitzpatrick, first as a Skoal Bandit car, then in American 100 colours and finally as a Danone car. Although It never won in the hands of Thierry Boutsen at the Norisring and was second in 1000km races at both the Nurburgring and Mosport in 1984 and finished Le Mans three times, twice in 4th place and, in 1984, on the third step of the podium. It famously secured Derek Bell the world drivers title in 1986, which was decided by a tie breaker based on the race result at the Norisring race that year.

It has now been returned to Skoal Bandit livery and is fitted with full sprint bodywork with a high downforce nose and tail.

Text from Historic Porsche. For more information check out their full article and history here.