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Porsche 944 Swiss Special (1984)

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Porsche 944 Swiss Special (1984)

(1984) Porsche 944 Swiss Special

The Swiss Special 944 was a very limited edition 944 Special produced in 1984. Only 200 944 Swiss Specials were produced and it was largely a design exercise, with several upgrades to the normal 944. The changes included:

  • Black or Silver with Black Pinstripe interior (100 produced Black/100 produced Silver).
  • Red-colored stickers on the back of “Porsche” “944”
  • Special size teledial rims
  • Seats , rear bench and door panels in 924 Carrera GT fabric
  • Dashboard plastic parts in black instead of the standard silver

Production Details

  • 100 units. 03/84 to 04/84. Black Exterior Color, with Black and pinstripe interior
  • 100 units. 03/84. Zermatt Silver Exterior Color, with Black and pinstripe interior