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Porsche 944 S2 SE (1992)

Limited series built following the excitement around a prototype 'Sport Equipment' version of the Type 944 S2.

Porsche 944 S2 SE

(1992) Porsche 944 S2 SE

The 944 range officially ended production in July 1991. A dated range and slow sales wrote the obituary for the model, but in the UK, brand-new cars still languished at dealers well into 1993. A UK-only special edition was made in 1992 and it was called the Porsche 944 S2 SE. It was basically an S2 brought up to full specification, for less than the standard car. Very limited, only 15 were eventually made.

The SE’s improved specification included Koni adjustable dampers, limited slip differential along with cooler, shorter and stiffer front suspension springs, additional coil springs at the rear, adjustable rear stabiliser bar and stiffer front stabiliser bar. An engine output increased to 225bhp (with improved torque from 4,250rpm) with help from a re-mapped ECU and the ride height was lowered by approximately 30mm. Club sport steering wheel, colour coded bridge spoiler, SE rear badges and SE side stripes accompanied the engineering improvements cosmetically.

Porsche showed a prototype ‘Sport Equipment’ version of the Type 944 S2 and it really got pundits excited. An internal Porsche Memorandum states:

‘After being driven by a number of the Management Team, verbal approval was given for the purchase of the parts to construct 15 vehicles.’

Benefits listed include improved acceleration in higher rev range; flatter cornering due to stiffer springs and increased roll resistance; more precise steering; improved responsiveness and confidence-inspiring handling; adjustability – can be ‘tuned’ to suit customer requirements; and all-round better responsiveness. The downsides include a harsher ride, increased noise, and higher fuel consumption, but then increased performance always comes at a cost, not that this would have troubled the SE’s target market.

It was understood that only 14 cars were completed; indeed, so rare is this model that its creation was long thought to be a myth. As such there is very little information about the 944 S2 SE. Porsche Club GB records show that two of the cars were written off in accidents; only six, including that offered here, are known to exist today. It seems a bunch were converted to race cars.