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Porsche 944 French Special (1984)

The Rothmans Cosmetic Edition 944

(1984) Porsche 944 French Special

In spring of 1984 Rothmans cosmetic edition 944 was made, a batch of 100 numbered cars ordered by the French importer Sonauto (the subsidiary of Porsche AG) to celebrate the victorious Rothmans-sponsored Porsche 956 that had won Le Mans 24 hour race in France in 1982 and in 1983. At the time when the Rothmans 944 was sold, Rothmans-Porsche factory team decided to boycott the 1984 Le Mans race. The French Specials as they were known were a very limited edition 944 Special, with only 100 produced.

This series was delivered in May 1984 in alpine white with a striping in the colors of the cigarette (Blue gold and red). It carries a body kit that gives it a more racing look and inside, two bucket seats with ‘tennis’ type upholstery, a beige carpet, a sport steering wheel and a numbered plate – another peculiarity of the 944 Rothmans.

Production Details

  • 100 units. Production from 04/84 to 05/84. White with Decals Exterior and Black, pinstripe interior