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Porsche 928 All-aluminium Special

Porsche's All Aluminum 928S Racer

Porsche All Aluminum 928S Racer

Porsche shipped one of its experimental ‘All-aluminum’ 928S to the Brumos Racing Team for the 1984 24 hours of Daytona with the instructions not to modify the car in any way. Porsche desired to promote the performance of the 928 in the U.S. The drivers were given specific instructions to just ‘drive the car’.

The drivers were Vic Elford (GB), Richard Attwood (GB), Howard Meister (U.S.), and Bob Hagestad (U.S.). The car was found to be unstable according to the drivers during practice for the 24-hour race on the high banks of Daytona. They wanted to add a rear wing to the car, but Porsche was not in favor of the idea and denied the request. The suspension was fiddled with to make the car a bit more stable by the Brumos team.

The 928S finished in 15th overall and 4th in the GTO class before being returned to Porsche. Today it can be found in the Porsche Museum.