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The Porsche 918 – How It’s Made

The Making of the Porsche 918

Strictly limited to just 918 units and assembled in a 4000-square-metre manufactory by 100 selected employees by hand. Take a look at this footage from the birthplace of the 918 Spyder in Zuffenhausen, Germany.

Porsche 918 Manufacturing Details

porsche 918 prototype
This photo is actually from 2012 prototype building, but it says all about the weight of the monocoque. @Porsche
Porsche 918 monocoque
Carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP) monocoque was made using resin transfer moulding (RTM) technology. @Porsche
918 spyder engine block
The bigger inlet valves have ‘E’ written on them (Einlassventil in German) and the exhaust valves have ‘A’ (Auslassventil). @Porsche

918 spyder engine assembly
It takes 20 hours for one technician to assemble the engine which weighs 140 kg/308 lb by the time it is finished. @Porsche
918 spyder engine manifolds
First V-engine with the exhaust manifolds between the ‘V’ and inlet channels on the outside of the engine. @Porsche

Side air curtain with pyrotechnics shown