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Porsche 911 GT3 Cup (992) – Specifications & Performance

Current Porsche 911 GT3 Cup (992) Technical Specifications


  • Single-seater customer race car


  • Water-cooled six-cylinder boxer engine
  • Displacement 3,996cm³; stroke 81.5mm; bore 102mm
  • Max. power: 375kW (510PS) at 8,400rpm
  • Max. torque: 470Nm at 6,150rpm
  • Max. rpm: 8,750rpm
  • Single throttle butterfly system
  • Intake manifold with two resonance flaps
  • Dry-sump lubrication with oil-water heat exchanger
  • Race exhaust system with DMSB certified catalytic converter
  • Engine control unit Bosch MS 6.6 • Single-mass flywheel
  • Fuel quality: Superplus unleaded, to E20 (min. 98 octane)
  • Sealed


  • Porsche six-speed sequential dog-type gearbox
  • Gear ratios:
    • Ring & pinion gear 15/23 i = 1.533
    • Final drive 16/39 i = 2.438
    • 1st gear 13/41 i = 3.154
    • 2nd gear 17/40 i = 2.353
    • 3rd gear 20/37 i = 1.850
    • 4th gear 24/36 i = 1.500
    • 5th gear 24/30 i = 1.250
    • 6th gear 28/30 i = 1.071
  • Internal pressure-oil lubrication with active oil cooling via oil-water heat exchanger
  • Mechanical limited slip differential
  • Three-plate sintered metal racing clutch
  • Paddle shift with electronic shift barrel actuator
  • Sealed


  • Lightweight body featuring intelligent aluminum-steel composite design
  • Integrated (welded) roll-cage in accordance with FIA regulations (permitted for co-driver usage on circuit events)
  • Front cover with integrated quick-release fasteners; cooler exit-air duct and central air intake for cockpit ventilation
  • Removeable rescue hatch in accordance with the latest FIA safety regulations
  • Mounting points for lifting device
  • Fenders with extensions
  • Widened front bumper with spoiler lip
  • Rear bodywork with integrated rain light in accordance with FIA regulations

Lightweight exterior:

  • Carbon-fibre reinforced plastic doors with quick release push button
  • Carbon-fibre reinforced plastic rear lid with integrated quick-release fasteners; removeable
  • Carbon-fibre reinforced plastic adjustable rear wing with ‘swan neck’ mounting (11 positions)
  • Polycarbonate windows with hard coating
  • Rear underbody paneling with NACA ducts for brake, driveshaft and shift barrel actuator cooling

Modified 911 cockpit:

  • Carbon-fibre reinforced plastic interior trim panels
  • Ergonomic digital touch panel with multi-colour backlight aligned towards driver
  • Multifunctional carbon-fibre reinforced plastic motorsport steering wheel with quick release coupling, shift paddles and illuminated push buttons
  • Adjustable steering column with steering angle sensor
  • Safety nets (centre and driver’s side) in accordance with latest FIA safety regulations
  • Optimised cockpit ventilation featuring airflow directed at driver
  • Racing bucket seat in accordance with FIA standard 8862/2009:
    • Infinite longitudinal adjustment, two positions for height and inclination adjustment
    • Padding system in four sizes to adapt seat to individual drivers (delivered with size M)
    • Preparation for seat ventilation
  • Six-point racing safety harness
  • FT3 safety fuel cell (approx. 110 litres) and dry break couplings for fueling and draining using a fully enclosed system
  • ‘Fuel-Cut-Off’ safety valve in accordance with FIA regulations
  • Integrated air-jack system (three jacks) with valve mounting points on either side of the car


  • Forged control arms & top mounts:
    • Stiffness optimised
    • Heavy-duty spherical bearings with dust protection
  • Wheel hubs with centre-lock wheel nut
  • Shock absorbers with motorsport-specific valve characteristic, non-adjustable
  • Double-blade-type adjustable anti-roll bars
  • Tyre pressure monitoring system Front axle
  • Double wishbone front suspension, adjustable ride-height, camber and toe
  • Electric power steering with manual function to ease car maneuvering Rear axle
  • Multi-link rear suspension, ride-height adjustment, camber and toe
  • Motorsport driveshafts optimised for reliability and durability

Brake system

  • Two independent brake circuits incorporating front and rear axle brake pressure sensors, driver-adjustable brake force distribution via brake balance system
  • Racing brake pads
  • Optimised brake ducts
  • Ergonomic brake pedal positioning

Front axle

  • Six-piston aluminium monobloc racing brake calipers with ‘anti knock-back’ piston springs
  • Ventilated 380mm x 32mm steel brake discs mounted on aluminum disc bells

Rear axle

  • Four-piston aluminium monobloc racing brake calipers with ‘anti knock-back’ piston springs
  • Ventilated 380mm x 32mm steel brake discs mounted on aluminium disc bells


  • Typical GT rim/tyre combination

Front axle

  • Single-piece centre-lock alloy wheels conforming to Porsche specification and design, 12J x 18
  • Treaded Michelin transportation tyres; tyre size: 30/65-18

Rear axle

  • Single-piece centre-lock alloy wheels conforming to Porsche specification and design, 13J x 18
  • Treaded Michelin transportation tyres; tyre size: 31/71-18

Electrical system

  • 10.3” Porsche colour display
  • Porsche logger
  • Porsche power box
  • Fire extinguisher system (extinguishing agent: NOVEC gas)
  • Lightweight 12V, 60Ah battery (LiFePO4) leak-proof, installed in co-driver’s footwell
  • Digital touch panel with multi-colour backlight
  • 175A alternator
  • Single-arm windscreen wiper with direct drive (intermittent and continuous operation)
  • Three additional centre console switches for additional power consumers
  • Data connection (data logger, video system)

LED Lighting system

  • Main headlights
  • Daytime running lights
  • Taillights
  • Rainlight in compliance with FIA homologation regulation

After-sales options

  • Bosch racing ABS, Generation 5
  • Porsche Motorsport Traction Control PMTC
  • Exhaust system:
    • Noise-optimised rear silencer
    • Exhaust system with open tailpipes
  • Auxiliary weight plates for car weight balancing
  • Passenger seat for taxi rides
  • External USB-logger function


  • Total weight: approx. 1,260kg (2,778lbs)
  • Total length: 4,585mm (180.51 inch)
  • Total width (front axle): 1,920mm (75.59 inch)
  • Total width (rear axle): 1,902mm (74.88 inch)
  • Wheelbase: 2,459mm (96.81 inch)


  • Body painted with water-based paint
  • Exterior: GT Silver Metallic (M7Z)
  • Interior: GT Silver Metallic (M7Z), without clear lacquer finish
  • Rims: Platinum semi-matt (0B5)
  • Rear wing in naked carbon

Compliance with regulations

  • Customers are exclusively responsible for ensuring that they and their car comply with the pertinent regulations applicable to themselves and their vehicle.
  • This document replaces all previously published versions.
  • Vehicle cannot be registered for public road use.
  • Subject to change without notice.

Accessory package

The new Porsche 911 GT3 Cup lives up to our vision of being ready to race right from the first second. Hence, the accessory package provides the teams, the racers, and every dreamer with all the parts, tools and essential equipment to set new lap records. The package is included in the car price and consists of the following items:

  • Set of wishbone camber shims
  • Equipment for air-jack system
  • Fuel tank defueling hose
  • Car diagnosis/interface cable
  • Set of front axle underbody air guide plates
  • Set of front axle wishbone air guide plates
  • Wheel nut socket
  • Special tool for transportation nuts
  • Set of wheel nuts
  • Wheel nut grease
  • Sticker set (mandatory fire extinguisher, electric symbol & sticker to cover car recovery pick up points)

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