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Porsche 911 (1965 – 1989) – VIN Numbers

1974 911 Coupe (911)

1965 – 1989 Porsche VIN Numbers

Porsche used a variety of chassis and VIN numbering systems until 1981, when a major change was made to a 17 digit international code which remained current until the end of 911 production. All numbers for cars made between 1965 – 1990 are listed below this table.

The VIN code can be located in a number of places. On my ’81 SC it can be found on the ID plate located under the front hood on the right hand side of the car. It is also stamped into the body under the carpet directly above the fuel tank (the US models will show digits 4, 5,& 6 as ZZZ in this location, as below). The VIN numbers on these two plates must match, with the exception of digits 4,5 &6. On some models the VIN can also be found on the left side door jam, and also on the left windscreen post (to comply with a 1979 US law that VIN codes must be visible VIN from outside the vehicle). Where RoW is used, this refers to “Rest of World”.

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Porsche 911 VIN Lookup (1965 – 1989)

In reading the following VIN numbers please note that the first 6 characters have been removed eg. WP0ZZZ for RoW cars, and USA and Canadian cars WP0AA0/WP0EA0. Any “x’ is a meaningless fill digit. All detail and information offered in this site is to the best of my knowledge. It is in no way official or definitive.