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Porsche 550 Spyder Production Numbers

Porsche 550 Spyder Production

Porsche assigned build numbers to each of the 550/1500RS cars built (RS short of rennsport which translates to ‘racing’ in English), with the prototype starting with 2-digit chassis numbers, 550-01 through to 550-15. The first ‘production’ 550 was assigned a 4-digit chassis number, 550-0016 with the last ‘documented’ spyder as 550-0090.

After a total of 90 builds of the type 550, Porsche had already designed an evolutionary model, the type 550A of which 40 were built. Of those 90 cars, 43 of them were built as non-race, “customer cars.” It is documented that two more 550s were built as special orders after production finished using frames 550-091 and 550-093 (but we could not find any information on it). In addition, the frame of 550-098 was used to build the one-off magnesium body – Porsche type 645, also known as the ‘Micky Maus’ which only raced at two events and eventually crashed.

Below is a table with all the chassis and production numbers for the Porsche 550 cars, from prototypes to production. For more details just click on the row you want to see even more production data. To learn more about a specific chassis number, see our 550 chassis by chassis stories post.