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Paul Stephens Autoart Le Mans Classic Clubsport

A Minimalist Restomod Porsche 911

Le Mans Classic Clubsport Restomod

Paul Stephens is considered THE Porsche guy in the UK. Restoration and restomodding is his forte and he has been doing longer than anybody else. His PS AutoArt range offers everything from restored cars with mild upgrades to custom Speedsters and very rapid lightweights.

The story goes that when Paul saw that 964 911s were so cheap that restoring them didn’t make financial sense, he began hot rodding them. With the help of some folks from Ginetta, he soon started building his own body panels, and by 2005, the first Paul Stephens 911, the PS 300R prototype was ready. It was the ultimate old-school 964-based 911. That was 13 years ago and he has been going strong ever since and helped start the craze we know as 911 restomodding.

Recently, Paul Stephens shared his latest creation, the new special edition Le Mans Classic Clubsport. This $350,000 special-edition gives you a 300 horsepower 3.4 flat-six (courtesy of an advanced injection system, a reprogrammed ECU, GT3 RS-specification camshafts, a lightened and balanced crankshaft and lightweight conrods) connected to a G50 manual gearbox with lightweight flywheel and a limited-slip differential. 0 – 60 mph is over in 4.4 seconds and the Classic has a top speed 170mph. You also get a de-seamed roof panel, an aluminum bonnet, composite bumpers and engine cover, a ducktail and aerodynamically optimized mirrors. All this totals to a weight figure of 2138 lbs as long as you choose the Lightweight spec (instead of Touring).

Paul Stephens AutoArt can produce only a handful of cars each year. The Le Mans Classic Clubsport is actually limited to 10 units with a few more production slots still available as of this writing. Paul Stephens will do RHD and LHD cars, but be ready to churn out some serious money.