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Onboard: Porsche 961 Racing Around Zandvoort Circuit

The Porsche 961 was the racing version of the 959 supercar. This lightweight (around 2,540 lbs) machine boasted a powerful flat-six engine (Type-935) and a 6-speed manual transmission, putting a whopping 680 horsepower at its command.

At the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the 961 surprised everyone by matching the speed of higher-class prototypes. The car’s racing career was short-lived, however. Issues arose at Daytona, and a crash during the 1987 Le Mans due to gearbox problems ended its racing days.

Only one car was made any encounter with it is a rare opportunity let alone seeing it action. So, if you’re wondering how this racing marvel performs around the track checkout this onboard footage of the Porsche 961 racing around Zandvoort Circuit.

Source: Robbert Alblas