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Mark Webber, Porsche driver, Silverstone 6h 2014
Mark Webber, Porsche driver, Silverstone 6h 2014

Born: 27th August 1976
Where: Queanbeyan, Australia
Lives: Buckinghamshire, UK
Height/weight: 1.83 m/76 kg
Marital status: Partner Ann Neal
Hobbies: Sports, mountain biking, flying helicopters

It’s been two years now since Mark Webber has had a roof over his head. After 215 Formula 1 Grands Prix, and having won nine of them, he left the F1 paddock to become a Porsche works driver. “It was a big change and a challenge to adapt to LMP1 and the intense teamwork, an entirely new experience,” the Australian admits. Sharing the Porsche 919 Hybrid with two other drivers requires compromises for seats, pedal systems and set-up. The better a driver feels, the faster he is. Because this is vital and beneficial for all three of them, they take good care of each other. “I surprised myself by how much I enjoyed the sharing a car after a short period of familiarisation,” he said.

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