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Brendon Hartley (NZ)

Brendon Hartley, Porsche works driver, Le Mans 24H, 2016
Brendon Hartley, Porsche works driver, Le Mans 24H, 2016

Born: 10th November 1989
Where: Palmerston North, New Zealand
Lives: Monaco
Height/weight: 1.84 m/65 kg
Hobbies: Playing the guitar, fitness, poker, squash, tennis, mountain biking

When he first turned up in the Formula 1 paddock back in 2008, he looked more like an aspiring rock star with his blond hair and baggy jeans, than a test driver. He can actually play the guitar, but he prefers to leave the live performance to someone else. Behind the cool exterior was a shy young man, and despite being just 19, but already had 13 years of experience as a racing driver. He started with go-karts at the age of six, inspired by his father Bryan, who drove in various racing series. Brendon’s older brother Nelson, named after Nelson Piquet, was already ten when Brendon was allowed to join him for the first time. His older brother was faster, and Brendon still remembers the sleepless night that followed. “That was when I realised that I can’t lose. I want to win, in everything I do.”

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