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Kaege Builds Some of the Sexiest 993 Restomods On the Planet

Built to Order Perfection

Kaege Restomods

Based Germany, Kaege Retro had been creating 993-based cars since 2010. When Roger Kaege decided to build his own take on the retro 911, he took a different approach to most other firms. The original idea was simple enough. Take the genes from the air-cooled 993 and combine it with the looks of the F-model. Most companies start with a 964-edition 911. That older generation car uses a semi-trailing arm rear suspension, whereas Kaege decided to use the Porsche 993 as a base, with its stiffer body structure and multi-link rear suspension. The perfect mechanical and technology platform married to the sexiest design. They also use only Porsche parts, which are much easier to maintain. The results are some of the coolest 911’s I’ve ever seen and it says a lot that the Kaege Porsche 911 Backdates/Restomods are mentioned up there with names like Singer.

The underpinnings of the Kaege Retro Porsches may be new, but the appearance has been backdated. The bodywork features a custom-designed front bumper with a deep chin spoiler. Aggressively flared fenders have squared edges, the rear wings add 40 mm to the car’s overall width. Much of the bodywork has been refashioned in carbon-fibre. Using the lightweight material shaves a lot of weight from the 993; Kaege quotes overall mass as 1,190 kg for the Classic. A set of factory Recaro sport seats are re-trimmed with custom fabrics to give the interior a period look. The dash fascia is finished in body colour, and vintage style VDO-gauges round out the cabin. Modern touches include airbags, aircon and a high-end audio media interface with navigation.

Wherever possible, Kaege uses series-production Porsche components, making his cars both cheaper to build and servicable by Porsche dealers. There are, however, custom touches and rare parts still apparent throughout the car. The rear deck-lid includes a retractable 993-style spoiler with custom carbon-fibre uprights.

As each car is custom-built, to order, so clients can decide on what powerplant they prefer. Kaege clients thus have the choice of rebuilt naturally-aspirated 286-hp 3.6-liter Varioram and 300-hp 3.8-liter flat-six engines, while 993 Turbo power comes in 450-hp Turbo S or tuned 510-hp guises. The only exceptions to the Porsche OE parts philosophy are the suspension, wheels, tires, and bespoke exhaust system since technology in those areas has moved on in the intervening years.

The Kaege Lineup

Kaege Retro Classic

The Kaege Retro Classic was the first model offered by Kaege. It is the F-model optics with the underlying 993 technology that is core to the Kaege approach. Lots of customization and updating across the entire car with lots of little details we adore. Performance is a buyer’s choice, from the standard 286 hp from 3.6 liter displacement or the upgraded 300 hp from 3.8 liter displacement. All cars get a 6-speed manual and keep rear-wheel drive. Weight comes in at only 1190kg and buyers can customize paint, interior, engine performance, chrome package, sports package, suspension tuning and lots more.

Kaege Retro Targa

The Targa has always been the ultimate for those who wanted to feel not only the road, but also the wind and the sun. Be curious about the first “open”. In terms of specs, the Targa is basically mechanically the same as the Retro Coupe. The main difference is that is weighs a bit more, coming in at 1,220 kgs. It also gets a cool bracket including a polycarbonate glass roof as hardtop, as well as with an easily removable vinyl roof to be used as a softtop.

Kaege Retro Turbo

The Retro Kaege Turbo is based on a Porsche 993 Turbo. It offers all-wheel drive and more than 450 hp! It has that awesome tough, planted look. Open the carbon-fiber engine cover with its classic ducktail spoiler, and you are confronted by an eyeful of 993 Turbo S intercooler, which looks smarter than usual thanks to being trimmed in carbon fiber. As the rear lid and spoiler of the Kaege car differ from the 993 Turbo, the intercooler mounting brackets are modified to suit. The large carbon-fiber and chrome air intake grille insert on the horizontal area ahead of the ducktail spoiler serves the same function as the grille normally seen on the factory 911 Turbo whale-tail.

While the stock 993 Turbo of 1995 was good for 408 hp (Euro-spec), the 450 hp output of the limited edition of 345 Turbo S cars made for the 1997-1998 model year equals that of the 1998 993 GT2. Made by Porsche’s Exclusive department, this swan song for the air-cooled 911 Turbo features an upgraded 3.6-liter engine with a pair of larger KKK (Kuhnle, Kopp & Kausch) K-24 turbos, an additional oil cooler, and a suitably remapped Bosch Motronic electronic control unit. That is the engine spec used for our featured Kaege Retro Turbo, and the big numbers are 450 hp at 5,750 rpm, with 431 lb-ft of torque at 4,500 rpm. You can also upgrade the unit to give you 510 bhp if 450 bhp isn’t enough for you. Either way, weight is only 1290 kg so the car has more than enough poke whatever option you choose.