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Jägermeister 934 – the Professional Hunter

Jägermeister Porsche 934 chassis #930 670 0167
Jägermeister Porsche 934 chassis #930 670 0167

The Jägermeister 934 is one of the most recognisable liveries in the world of motor racing. It adorned the bodies of some of the great race cars in the 1970s and 1980s, and irrespective of whether the car won a race or not, it was usually the crowd’s favourite.
The 1970s was a period of great experimentation and innovation, both in the road car sector and in the racing world. Turbocharging became very popular and manufacturers around the world slapped a turbocharger on just about anything and everything, in order to claim a slice of the action and market growth. Porsche actually kicked off this whole revolution when in 1972 they turbocharged the 917/10 Can-Am Spyder that went on to dominate the Canadian-American series for two seasons. In 1974, the Carrera RSR Turbo, a 2142 cc powered 911 (actually the first 911 turbocharged racer), was driven by Gijs van Lennep and Herbert Müller in the 24 Hours of Le Mans, where they finished in a remarkable second place overall. The 930 production model was launched in 1975, while the Porsche 934 Turbo race car came along a year later.

Jägermeister Porsche 934 chassis #930 670 0167
Jägermeister Porsche 934 chassis #930 670 0167 in Carmel, California at the Concours on the Avenues

Looking very much like the production Porsche 930 Turbo on which it was based, the 934 Turbo was just that – a 930 Turbo intended for action in the Group 4 class of sports car racing. In fact, externally, the 934 Turbo differed visually from the production model only in that it was fitted with a more aggressive looking front air dam, which had an aerodynamic benefit but it also carried the two cooling radiators for the intercoolers. To be eligible for Group 4, Porsche had to make at least 25 units of the 934, in fact they produced 32 cars in 1976. The 934 was an interesting and important model in Porsche’s racing family, in that all future 911 turbocharged racing models flowed from this car.

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