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Is The Porsche Carrera GT The Best Supercar In The Last 25 Years?

Porsche’s open-top, 603-hp, manually shifted Carrera GT makes other supercars seem quaint. It is arguably the best supercar ever made. Under the skin, the car used many modern hallmarks of motor sport engineering: a carbon fiber chassis, dry sump lubrication, inboard suspension and a mid-mounted engine that was engineered to sit as low as possible to ground.

The Carrera GT production car was unveiled in March 2003 at the Geneva motor show in Switzerland. Following great sales success, the target was raised from 1000 to 1500 cars, but finally 1270 Carrera GT supercars were produced. The cars were made between September 2003 and April 2006. In 2 years and 7 months approximately 2 cars were made each day. Carrera GT was one of the very few supercar projects in the world that was economically successful.

In this video, PistonHeads gives us a comprehensive look at the Carrera GT to see why there is no other supercar better than Porsche’s V10 supercar from the 2000s.