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In-Depth Look At The 1958 Porsche 356 Emory Special

Rod Emory and his team at Emory Motorsports are experts in restoring and customizing Porsche 356 coupes and convertibles. Although this timeless model ceased production in 1956, it remains a favorite of car collectors worldwide.

One of their best creations, the “Emory Special”, offers a modern twist on this classic sports car, while preserving its iconic appeal. The exterior and interior have been upgraded with premium flourishes, while several performance enhancements have been added.

Underneath the sleek and minimalist exterior, you’ll find a powerful 2.4-liter flat-four engine, complete with Weber IDA carburetors, a Carrera-style dry sump, and custom intake and exhaust manifolds. To facilitate cooling of the rear-mounted engine, shark-like gills have been added to the side. The car also features a safety roll-cage, aerodynamic fender-mounted mirrors, a custom-built front bumper, caged vintage headlamps, and classic fog lamps that blend seamlessly into the design.

Watch the 16-minute video clip below by Tedward to see the irresistible and compelling beauty of Emory’s modified 356s.