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Everything New With The 2025 Porsche 911 (992.2)

2025 Porsche 992.2 911 Carrera

Earlier this morning, Porsche unveiled the first models of the new Type 992.2 911, the Carrera Cabriolet and Coupe, and the Carrera GTS T-Hybrid. However, when something is all-new and upgraded, one question always comes up:

What, exactly, is all-new and upgraded on the 992?

Fret not, for we have pored over the available news releases and data, and are here to answer that very question! First of all, let’s start with the biggest bit of new technology…

New: 3.6L Turbo T-Hybrid Powertrain (992.2 GTS)

Officially dubbed the “T-Hybrid Platform,” the 3.6L flat-six turbo engine for the 992.2 GTS is just one part of an entirely new powertrain. Combining the engine, a hybrid powered turbo that spins up nearly instantly thanks to the electric motor inside, and an e-motor between the engine and the PDK transaxle, it pushes out a combined 532 HP and 449 lbs-ft of torque. It also has an “overboost” feature where the e-motor will give 10 more HP in 10 second bursts, bringing power to 542 HP.

Porsche T-hybrid system

While the aim of the powertrain was not to increase efficiency, because of the EU legislation that brought about its development, it is about 1% more efficient than the previous GTS in terms of fuel consumption. It also does not have the ability to run in electric-only mode, mostly due to its quick-charge/quick-discharge 1.9 kWh battery and the fact that the e-motor in the transaxle sits between the flywheel and the dual clutches of the PDK.

In this capacity, the e-motor torque fills between shifts, which are also much faster than the previous generation’s PDK. Between first and sixth, the changes are nigh on instant, less than 30 milliseconds. Seventh and eighth are optimized cruising gears to boost fuel efficiency when up to speed on a motorway, but in Sport mode act as extra gears if you are going down a straight like the Dottinger Hohe on the Nordschleife (nearly 2.5 miles long).

Due to this performance hybrid setup, the Tpye 992.2 911 GTS T-Hybrid will shatter 60 MPH in 3.0 seconds flat and keep pushing hard to 195 MPH.

Updated: 3.0L Twin-Turbo Flat-Six (992.2 Carrera & Cabriolet)

While not entirely new, the base level 911 Carrera and Cabriolet are also the first Type 992.2 trims aside from the GTS. It gains a pair of upgraded turbos that gets a moderate boost in power to 388 HP, as well as is lightly modified overall to be more efficient.

This is mostly due to the same legislation that prompted the creation of the T-Hybrid powertrain, which pretty much eliminates fuel enrichment programming in ECUs so that vehicles don’t adjust their mix towards rich when pushing hard. By increasing the pressure and volume of forced induction, the engine runs better and has a higher specific output, which we don’t think anyone would complain about.

New: All Digital Instrument Cluster & Infotainment Upgrade (All 992.2 911’s)

For the entirety of the 992.2 generation, the analogue bits of the dash from the 992 have been done away with. Instead, a 12.6 inch curved display will allow you to have important information displayed in one of eleven different ways, including a “classic” mode lets you have the big central tachometer dial and two dials laid out either side of it a la Type 996.

992.2 911 interior

The infotainment screen is also a newly updated touchscreen at 10.9 inches. Running the latest Porsche Communication Management (PCM) system, it allows you to set up and/or modify driving modes to your personal preference, control driver assistance systems, run sat-nav, and the like. Porsche has partnered with Apple for the 992.2 generation and, using a QR code from the infotainment screen and the Porsche ID app on an iPhone, displays information from the instrument cluster and enables operation of vehicle functions natively on the iPhone.

Also, when any 992.2 generation 911 is parked and in neutral, the system will allow for video streaming. Apps such as Spotify and Apple Music have also been natively integrated into the PCM ecosystem, requiring just your login information and no connection to your smartphone.

Updated: Interior (All 992.2 911’s)

For almost its entire life, the 911 has always been a 2+2 inside. Starting with the Type 992.2 generation, all 911’s will come as standard as two seaters, and if you want the two rear seats, they will be a no-cost option instead of standard. This has come about after most Porsche customers that were polled revealed that the rear seats are rarely, if ever, used for passengers.

2025 992.2 911 interior (GTS trim)

In their place, a low cargo shelf now resides, perfect for a small in-town errand or to hold your helmet and gear for a track day. The removal of the rear seats also reduces the overall weight of the 911, and with reduced weight comes increased response, making the 992.2 generation sportier overall.

To emphasize the motorsports connection between the 911 and its racing brethren, all trims now feature a Start button the left of the steering wheel. As well, all trims will feature a new cooled compartment in the console for smartphones, which has an inductive charging pad included.

992.2 911 start button

Probably the most significant update is that all trims, from base Carrera Coupe to GTS and Turbo, now have a mode select button on the steering wheel.

992.2 911 steering wheel

This allows you to change driving modes on the fly, and the 911 will respond instantly to whatever setting you choose. This also means that every single trim now has a sport mode available that you don’t need to push any other button than one on the steering wheel to activate.

New: Matrix Headlights & Continuous Bar LED Taillight (All 992.2 911’s)

Yes, even the headlights and taillights are all new on the all new 992.2.

Up front, the four-light headlights have been replaced with an LED matrix headlight. It retains the same look of the four-light headlights, with the four lights acting as daytime running lights, but with 64,000 individual LED pixels, they dynamically adjust lighting for every situation.

992.2 HD matrix headlights

They also have an auto-dim/auto-dip feature to prevent blinding an oncoming vehicle if you are running high beams.

Across the tail of every 992.2, the Porsche lettering has been moved down a couple of inches, and the two LED taillight side bars have been moved up a little, to give a more balanced look to the rear of the car.

992.2 911 LED bar taillight

At nighttime, the entire bar acts as a brake light, whiel the two separate LED bars act as turn signals, with a small section towards the middle of the car that can project white to act as reverse lights. It’s “new” in that is uses the same LED types as the headlights, meaning they are bright but not blinding.

Updated: Cabriolet Roof & Targa Rollbar (992.2 Cabriolet & Targa)

The 911 Carrera Cabriolet models have an updated fully automatic roof, which will now open or close in under 12 seconds, up to a speed of 32 MPH (~50 KPH). The new feature is that you can also command it to open or close remotely, so if it’s a particularly perfect day to go for a drive, you can have the roof down before you even get to the car.


992.2 911 Cabriolet GTS

It features a fixed glass rear window that is heated, and has three robust magnesium elements for durability without adding any extra weight.

For the 992.2 Targa (coming mid-2025), the roof will open or close in the same 12 seconds.

992.2 911 Targa

The roll bar remains, and is still as robust and strong as before, but with new materials in construction is a few pounds lighter.

New: Front Active Air Flaps (992.2 GTS T-Hybrid)

Since the new Matrix headlights negate the need for lower running or fog lights, on the all-new GTS T-Hybrid, that area now features 10 vertical active air flaps, 5 per side.

992.2 911 GTS T-hybrid active air flaps

These flaps are automatically controlled via a combination of sensors and what driving mode the 911 is running. They can open and close individually, and when open, they cool the T-Hybrid system as well as the front brakes, and when closed, they reduce overall vehicle drag and thus ensure lower fuel consumption.

New: Dynamic Active Aerodynamics (All 992.2 911’s)

The new 992.2 generation features an active dynamic spoiler at the rear. It will deploy depending on what the Porsche Active Stability Management (PASM) system detects in terms of vehicle dynamics as well as what driving mode the driver has selected. It is not like previous generation spoilers where it’s either up or down, instead varying deployment depending on the moment to moment needs of the car.

992.2 911 Carrera rear detail including active spoiler

On the 992.2 GTS, this spoiler also works with the rear wheel steering and lower, optimized suspension to provide the most downforce to the rear of the car at all times. The result is the GTS is one of the sharpest handling models Porsche has ever released in the history of the 911.

Updated: Brakes (All 992.2 911’s)

All trims of the 992.2 generation will have updated brakes, with aluminum calipers clamping on either steel or ceramic discs.

For the GTS, these calipers are built as monobloc fixed-calipers, the same style that are on the Carrera Cup GT3 R race cars. Also like the race car, the GTS features underbody switchable brake ventilation channels should the brakes get a bit too hot.

Optional for the GTS and other performance trims (S, 4S, et al) are Porsche Ceramic Composite Brakes (PCCB) in a new ceramic construction that increase brake life, eliminate brake fade, and are absolutely mighty in braking performance.

Updated: Driver Assist Systems (All 992.2 911’s)

All trims of the 992.2 generation will get Park Assist, Lane Keeping Assist, cruise control, and the like. The updated parts of the system include a traffic sign recognition, curve warning, and driver fatigue warning systems. All of these features are standard.

Of course, the 992.2 GTS comes equipped with the Sport Chrono Package as standard, which is optional on other trims. This updated package includes stopwatch, automatic track detection based on GPS that activates the Porsche Track Precision app and monitors tire temperatures.


As you can tell, Porsche has really stuck to the “Evolution, not revolution” motto of the Type 992. Most of these features are either inspired by previous generations, or are mild to significant updates of previous systems.

Which means that for the top tier, the 911 Turbo S, we can’t wait to see what that evolves into when the 992.2 version is announced. Rumors around the internet think that it will be teased in Q2 2025, with a reveal in Summer 2025.