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Even a brand new Porsche GT4RS needs a full detail

Make no mistake, even when you’ve just picked up your brand new Porsche GT4RS from the dealership, the car isn’t clean. Sure she might look clean at first sight, but nothing like a full in-depth detail will make her look, in the video below we take a look at the difference between a ‘showroom fresh’ car and that same car after a week at a professional detail shop like STATUS DETAIL, who put together the video to showcase their amazing work.

The first step of every single detail is an initial wash, and in this case, even a decontamination wash to get rid of all the protective stuff that has been on the car for the shipment from the factory in Germany all the way to the local dealer, there are oils and all kinds of other protective fluids the dealership most likely didn’t remove completely before you took delivery of your pride and joy, after this first wash it was obvious the car was already covered in swirls, tiny little scratches, mostly circular, thanks to the bad way the car was washed during the pre-delivery at the dealer.

After a thorough paint correction in multiple steps, your detailer will put a ceramic coat on top of the now pristine paint job, but let’s get into the video now to see what it really takes to make a new Porsche GT4RS look ‘NEW’: