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Electrified Porsche 944: Electric Classic Cars Doing It Right

Electric Porsche 944 by Electric Classic Cars

Despite being overshadowed by its more renowned peers, the Porsche 944 is still a well-loved classic. Recently, Electric Classic Cars, just gave the 944 the slight tweak that it just might need; to give it more power.

The original 944 is actually pretty fast with a 2.5-Liter naturally aspirated inline 4 engine which was eventually upgraded to 3.0-liters. And recently, a specific 944 was given an additional update with a Tesla Small Drive unit with a 48 kWh battery pack. It instantly provides 300 hp (equivalent to 220 kW) to the rear wheels giving it the instantaneous power that the original 944 didn’t have.

One tricky aspect of the 944 electrification is that aside from adding in an electric engine, the team had to ensure that the car keeps its great balance and handling.

Under the hood, in place of the engine, is the battery pack, beside it is the power steering. They also placed two radiators in front, one for the motor and the other is for the battery pack. Where the gear box used to be is Tesla’s small drive unit, while in the place of the gas tank is another – although smaller – battery pack that helps balance the weight. They were able to install all the needed upgrades without having to compromise on the original shape and space of the 944. The rear cargo space is still the same with the position of the spare wheel also unchanged.

Electric Classic Cars was also able to keep all other very important aspects of the car unchanged; like total weight of the car, weight distribution, and the balance.

As for the interior – especially the gauges, Electric Classic Cars tried to keep it to look as similar to its original gauges as possible. The fuel gauge is replaced by the battery charge gauge, the engine temperature gauge was replaced by the motor temperature gauge. There’s some newly printed gauges to show the voltage of the two batteries. So, a normal 944 driver wouldn’t feel like there’s much change in the interior. The seat position is still perfectly kept with the gauges and instrumentation clearly visible.

What is immediately noticeable is the really quiet engine during the drive. It made the modified 944 feel like a modern Porsche, as if it was a car that Porsche just recently released.

There’s still no specific range for the car, but it is estimated to have a range of 140 miles. With great handling that feels very much like a modern car making it perfect for a daily driver.