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Driving Porsche’s 1000hp Electric Racer In The Snow

The GT4-e Performance represents Porsche’s ambitious foray into sustainable customer racing. Built on the Cayman GT4 Clubsport platform, this electric racer boasts dual motors, all-wheel drive, and a 60 kWh battery. In qualifying trim, it can unleash an impressive 1,000 horsepower. However, the real challenge lies in maintaining this performance for 30 minutes of racing, requiring 50% more energy than the fully charged battery can hold.

With variable power and all-wheel drive, the GT4 e-Performance is designed for various racing formats. Sprint races on a circuit, hill climbs on mountain roads, drift races in the snow: the Porsche GT4 e-Performance prototype is built for different events.

YouTuber Matt Farah from TheSmokingTire YouTube channel recently had the opportunity to drive the GT4-e Performance at Porsche’s Ice Experience Center in Finland. Watch the video as he tests the full capabilities of this functional concept race car on ice.