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Doug DeMuro Explains What It’s Like To Own A Porsche Carrera GT

Doug DeMuro recently fulfilled his dream of owning a Porsche Carrera GT and shared an update on his YouTube channel. However, he quickly realized that owning this car comes at a high price.

With average auction prices around $1.2 million and ranging up to $2 million, the Carrera GT is an expensive investment. The Carrera GT impresses with a 5.7-liter V10 engine, producing around 600 hp sent to the rear wheels through a manual transmission. Its acceleration from 0 to 60 mph takes a mere 3.5 seconds.

The running and maintenance costs add to the financial burden. This exclusive Porsche model had a limited production run from 2004 to 2007, with less than 1300 units ever made.

In the video, Doug DeMuro candidly discusses the challenges and advantages of owning this sports car, shedding light on the issues he has encountered during his ownership experience.