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Could a Porsche 911 Rival Come to Life In the Next BMW 6-Series?

Don’t Hold Your Breath

The automotive publication Autocar has a talent for making news when interviewing executives from various automakers. In a recent interview with Adrian von Hooydonk, BMW’s design boss, Autocar asked him about a Porsche 911 competitor in the form of a new BMW 6-Series and he seemed to like the idea.

“It’s a nice idea,” he said. “Maybe we should work on that!” That’s definitely not a commitment that the company will make such a car, but it’s not a denial either. Of course, it’s hard to tell if Hooydonk was speaking sarcastically or not. This is not the first time this idea has come up.

Previously, a rumor surfaced that BMW would do just this with the 6-Series. It’s a move that would make sense to many people in the industry. BMW has no direct rival to the Porsche 911. BMW has sporty coupes that you could put up against the 911 but none of them compete directly with it.

We’d love to see the company put out a car that really takes it to Porsche. However, we think BMW probably won’t. The company seems to be doing just fine with the front-engine sporty luxury cars it currently makes. However, we’ll keep our fingers crossed for a wild 6-Series return that will challenge the 911.