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Check Out This 1992 Porsche 935 by DP Motorsport

A Street Legal Legend

Breathtaking DP Motorsport 935 DPIII Custom Porsche

Based in Overath (near Cologne) in Germany, DP Motorsport was founded in 1973 by car nut Ekkehard Zimmermann. In the 1970s and 80s DP Motorsport built and modified Porsche 935s that raced the 24 hours of Le Mans and other championships, mainly for the famous Kremer and Joest teams. In 1983 DP Motorsport began producing street-legal Porsche 911 / 930 based Porsche 935 replicas (the cars had the slantnoses, wider bodies and much more power). With Ekkehard’s experience and success in racing the company was able to make street legal Porsches with serious racing-pedigree.

Today, we take a look at a project from 2018, a car that started life as a 1992 Porsche 965 Turbo with a 3.3L engine. It was transformed by DP Motorsport into the car you see here dubbed the 935 DPIII. This is a replica of a Porsche racing car from years past and the car is street legal. The paint color is polar silver. Styling on this car is based on the Porsche 965 that raced in the mid-90s range. That very successful racer was the Zimmermann racing cars and this replica is based on the same color and stripe combination from one of those racers. The upgraded engine makes 450 hp.

As far as the history of the car is concerned, until 1997 it existed as an untouched standard production car in Germany. In the same year – commissioned by the second owner – the conversion into a polar silver 935-DPIII race car replica with road approval started. It is a one of its kind build.

As early as the mid 1980s, the DP935 cars were successfully used in the German motorsport scene. In order to apply the most powerful expansion level, the IMSA-engines of the Porsche 962 series were ordered at Porsche separately and implanted into these race cars. This was followed by diverse overall victories and championships with these turbo-high-achievers. As of 1995 the third stage of the car body expansion based on a Porsche 965 joined the team. Only five of these vehicles were built and operated in the German motorsport extremely successful, particularly with the driver-brothers Jürgen and Uwe Alzen.

And exactly in this polar silver shade with color stripes, the vehicle was built up for public roads on the base of the 965. For that purpose the body parts were made of high-grade fiber glass with diverse carbon fiber reinforcements. The engine got an upgrade to approximately 450 hp (= 330 kW). Beside an adjustable sport-suspension by H&R and a Unibal strut bearing, an adjustable strut brace was installed as well. Wheels are 3-piece RH alloy units in 18×9 with 245/40-18 tires on front and 18 x 12.5 with 335/30-a8 tires rear. Inside the car has a custom interior with Clubsport roll bar and special 935 Lollipop seats.