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Carfection Drives a Million Dollar Porsche 911 from Workshop 5001

Is This the Holy Grail of Porsches?

If you didn’t know about Workshop 5001, then get ready to meet the company that builds the cars you dream of. The Porsche 911 you see here weighs just 2,200 pounds, features a 318 hp and 270 lb-ft of torque flat-six engine, and KW suspension. Pair that with a beautiful exterior and interior, and you have one of the most beautiful 911s out there.

Henry Catchpole gets to take the million-dollar car out on some twisty roads in the California mountains. Catchpole says the car delivers in just about every way, from the sound of the engine to the way the car handles. It’s also a beautifully resto-modded hot rod of a 911. 

Catchpole says the car feels very muscular and lightweight. That’s thanks in part to the 3.4-liter flat six-cylinder. The engine comes with titanium connecting rods, straight cut intermediate gear, special rockers, a custom camshaft, custom cylinders, custom pistons, and a special fuel injection system.

The car is a vehicle with no distractions from the drive. It’s built for one thing, driving on the road quickly. It looks like an engaging and unforgettable car, and we can see why it’s priced the way it is.