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Buchmann-Porsche 928 Targa

The one we wish they made

1979 Buchmann-Porsche 928 Targa

The 928 was a good-looking car, but not surprisingly it almost immediately caught the attention of some famous designers who thought it could use some work. One of them was the Founder of Buchmann, Rainer Buchmann. His workshops in Germany specialized in making different types of upgrades for vehicles. Most of his work prior to the 928 was surface level designs, but this time he went further.

Just a few years after the debut of Porsche 928, in 1979 Frankfurt Motor Show, the attendees saw the intriguing version of 928 – Porsche 928 Targa. For this car, the enthusiasts have to thank not Porsche but Rainer Buchmann and his specialists.

Porsche 928 Targa wasn’t an ordinary Buchmann’s project as his workers made numerous modifications to it. The workshop’s craftsmen removed all the unnecessary parts behind the rear pillars. They were replaced with a construction made by Buchmann’s engineers that sufficed as the perfect basis for Targa roof.

The authors of a new Targa version also did some serious tests to make sure that the car’s construction is firm enough, and the roof is sealed tight. Overall, the Buchmann strived for 928 Targa to outmatch the 928 coupé. The only difference was, you could enjoy the sunshine if you would take off the Targa’s roof.

During the debut of a car, rumors were claiming that, like most people, the Porsche engineers were also skeptic about such conversions.

Nonetheless, everyone interested was invited to become clients of the German company. Each person who wanted to have 928 Targa in his garage had to bring a donor first. That is, bring Porsche 928 to the workshop, pay 35,000 Deutsche Marks and wait patiently as the Porsche 928 conversion to Targa would take around two months to complete.