About Stuttcars.com

Stuttcars.com is your place to go, when looking to buy or sell a Porsche, Porsche spare parts or collectibles. Cars and collectibles you can also just showcase for the world to see. Later, turning a showcase item into a selling listing is also no hassle – just name your price.

Stuttcars.com is the brain child of long-time Porsche aficionados James Herne and Margus Holland and was opened to the public on December 28, 2011.

James Herne

James at the wheel of the Porsche’s first Le Mans overall winner, a 1970 917K #23 (photo taken in 2001)
James in the 917 (photo taken in 2001)

James has owned 18 Porsches since 1996. He was 8 years in the management board of Porsche Club Estonia, including 4 years as the club president. The best events James organized, saw more than 50 Porsches on the race track. He is also a bestowed life-time member of Porsche Club Finland.

James thinks Nürburgring is one of the best places on Earth and in amateur racing he has achieved about 10 podium places in events such as time attacks, drag racing and top speed competitions. Although James thinks slalom is not a sport, one of the notable wins was the Porsche Slalom Challenge victory at the 2003 Worldwide Porsche Importer Meeting in Leipzig. There were 160 participants from around the world and James was the quickest driver.

James has studied Porsche history for more than 15 years and has a BA of Information Technology. He decided to create a website where all the Porsches of the world could be uploaded, whether these cars are for sale or for show only.


Margus Holland

Margus Holland and Hans-Peter Porsche (photo taken in 2010)
Margus Holland with Hans-Peter Porsche during a visit to his home in Austria (photo taken in 2010)

Margus has been a Porsche driver since 2000, right after buying his first Porsche (and first car for that matter) from James. He joined the Porsche Club Estonia that year and was president of Porsche Club Estonia in 2009-2012.

Although a BA of Civil Engineering, his heart beats more in sync with computers and the internet. With over ten years of experience at Skype and other IT companies, Margus is the man behind the technology of Stuttcars.com.

When asked “Why do you drive a Porsche?”, he usually states that there’s no other car out there that has the same kind of soul. While there are a lot of beautiful and great cars, a Porsche is still the best.

Margus’ first Porsche was a ruby red 944 from 1983 and was with him for seven years. It was replaced with a 951 which he used to drive all year round and yes, that also means the freezing Estonian winters with snow up to ones waist. He then upgraded to a a black 911 996 Turbo. But as life progressed (and family grew), it was time for change, so he’s now found behind the wheel of a 957 Cayenne.



If you have any problems or questions, don’t hesitate to contact the Stuttcars.com team by email info@stuttcars.com.

May, 31 – 67th birthday of the 550 (1953)
Jun, 08 – 72nd birthday of the 356 (1948)
Jun, 11 – 48th birthday of the first Turbo-Porsche (1972)
Jun, 28 – 4th birthday of the 971 (2016)
Jul, 10 – 54th birthday of the 910 (1966)