Wizeman WP 928 S4 marine engine

© Wizeman Marine
© Wizeman Marine

J. Wizemann & Co. was founded in 1923 in Stuttgart by Julius Wizemann (1882-1957). The company has produced different iron and steel components and since 1960's Wizemann has been engaged also in engine marinisation. Later a separate brand called Wizeman Marine was created (please note there was a single "n" in the brand name and "nn" in the company name).

A newsletter from Wizeman Marine from September 1986 advertised a marine engine based on the new 5-litre V8 32-valve Porsche 928 engine. The 32V V8 car engine developed 212 kW on model year 1986 when it was fitted in the Porsche 928S and 235 kW from model year 1987 (starting August 1986) in the Porsche 928 S4. The marine engine developed 221 kW according to DIN 6271 for marine engines (60% relative humidity at 27º C/80º F).

1986 Porsche 928 S4© Porsche

Salt water is aggressive and the seawater cannot be used for cooling the aluminium engine directly. The WP 928 has a triple cooling system. The engine's basic cooling circuit, that is cooled for the car engine with the help of the radiator, is cooled with the heat exchanger. The second closed cooling circuit is for the exhaust manifolds. The engine oil has a cooling system also. All three coolant circuits are cooled with the heat exchanger that is cooled by the sea water with the help of the seawater pump.

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