Kineo speed boats

The man behind the different Kineo speedboats was Horst Stross (1942-2001). He drove sports cars and wanted something similar for the water, so he turned to Porsche Design in Austria to visualize his ideas.

© Porsche Design

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Kineo 33 followed the lines that Porsche Design had created for the Kineo 46 and Kineo 27, but Horst Stross had it designed and built in Italy. Kineo 33 was the only one made of aluminium. Photo made in Monaco in 1992.© Fausto Atzori / Stain
Apr, 25 – 87th birthday of the Porsche company (1931)
May, 09 – 32nd birthday of the 961 (1986)
May, 10 – 75th birthday of Wolfgang Porsche (1943)
May, 15 – 36th birthday of the 956 (1982)
May, 20 – 56th birthday of the 804 (1962)