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A Closer Look At This Stunning TAG-Turbo 911 (Powered by Lanzante)

Powered by the twin-turbo 1.5L V6 Porsche-TAG Formula One engine

Porsche TAG-Turbo

Lanzante Porsche 930 TAG-Turbo. During the 80s, Porsche was supplying 1.5L turbocharged V6 engines to McLaren F1 team under the TAG brand. McLaren used a largely stock 930 Turbo as the rolling testbed for these engines. After its retirement the car was relegated to living its life among other priceless treasures in McLaren’s storage warehouse. More than 3 decades later, UK based Lanzante Ltd, a firm with extensive background in motorsports and automotive restoration acquired 11 of these engines from McLaren and is recreating this one-off 930 with the blessings of McLaren.

The engines are extensively rebuilt for road-use and longevity with redline lowered to just 9,000rpm and power detuned by some 250hp, now only producing 503hp and 310lb-ft of torque thanks to smaller twin-turbos with lower boost. Transmission is a 6-speed manual transaxle with a limited-slip diff with custom ratios which enable the car to hit 200mph top speed. The 930 chassis, suspension and brakes are extensively reworked for handling the extra power. Each of the 11 cars will have a plaque in the engine bay listing it’s engine’s race history and the drivers who drove them.

Photo Credit: Jeremy Cliff Photography