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2023 RADwood Los Angeles

Porsches create waves at the Port of LA

The “Hoonipigasus“ is the first-ever mid-engine, AWD, twin-turbo vintage Porsche 911, and was built for Ken Block to race on Pikes Peak in Colorado. Photo © 2023 Rex McAfee

If you think post-war sports cars or muscle cars from the late 1960s are the staple of the collector car industry, it’s time to broaden your horizons. 80s and 90s enthusiast cars have recently forged their own niche in the collector car world, and appreciation of the period’s shining stars has even outperformed the S&P 500 over the last five years (time to call your broker at Schwab and start looking for a 1-owner V6 Pontiac Fiero).

A rare example of a Strosek 911 Cabriolet. Photo © 2023 Rex McAfee


One such example of the growing momentum of this period of cars is RADwood, the celebration of vehicles, which applauds both the good and bad of an unforgettable era in transportation. TV shows like Miami Vice and Magnum PI helped fuel the fire of slant-nose Porsches and “cheese grater” Ferraris. Who can forget the Porsche-Ferrari street race in the 1984 movie Against All Odds?

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