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2022 Daytona Classic – HSR 24 Hours

The Doran  2005 Ford GT ran strongly until the oil pump belt broke, damaging the engine. This is a correct car built a few years ago out of original parts. Photo: Martin Raffauf

HSR (Historic Sportscar Racing) held its now annual 24- hour historic event at Daytona on November 5-6. The 24-hour is formatted the same way as the Le mans Historics. Cars are divided into groups (7 total) and each group must complete four “1- hour” sessions.  Note, groups C & D run together, making it six actual on-track run groups. The one- hour sessions actually become  42 minutes once you factor in the pace laps, and time to get a group off the track and prepare for the next group.  

In each segment a three- minute mandatory pit stop was required, measured from a pit in demarcation line, to a pit exit line. Penalties for not getting this correct were  40 seconds added to your overall time.  As in previous events, the race was scored on a cumulative time basis over the four segments. As each group contained multiple disparate car types, there were sub- categories in each group with their own classifications. For example: a GT car in Group E or F was not competing directly with the prototypes in those groups, although all the cars ran together on track.

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