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1974 Porsche RS 3.0 Carrera
911 460 9029 at Blenheim in 2016, where it won top honours (photo courtesy of Andrew Smith).
  • Chassis No: 911 460 9029
  • Engine No: 684 0053
  • Prod. No: 104 2302
  • G/box No: 716 1222 (15/1)
  • Colour: White/Gold
  • First delivered to: Sonauto Dealership , Paris, France
  • Aluminum roll bar fitted
  • First registered as: 556 ACR 75
1974 Porsche RS 3.0 Carrera at Tour de France in 1974
Awaiting the start of the 1974 edition of the Tour de France Auto in September are Francis Roussely (left), who drove for SonAuto in 1972 and 1973, and the late Christian Poirot (photo courtesy of Claudio Roddaro).

There are numerous racing Porsches that have somehow slipped “under the net” as far as the general public being aware of how great they were (and still are). Chassis number 911 460 9029 is one of them.

911 460 9029 was one of the fabled RS 3.0 Carreras that took the Porsche GT rallying and racing world by storm when it first appeared in late 1973. They were built by the factory from October of 1973, although most were delivered to their new owners in early 1974.

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