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Porsche 914/4 (2.0 L)

Porsche 914/4 2.0 (1973 – 1976)

The initial offering gave those buyers the choice of a fuel-injected 1.7-liter Volkswagen four, which was anemic and universally derided, or the carbureted, overhead-cam, 2.0-liter horizontally opposed six. The latter engine was peaky and could be made to do great things–sixth overall at the 24 Hours of LeMans in 1970, for example–but its low take rate demanded a more suitable replacement. This came in 1973, when the fuel-injected variant of Volkswagen’s air-cooled Type 4 engine was dropped in behind the two seats, staying there through 1976, when series production ended. (The engine continued on in the 912E, which succeeded the 914 as Porsche’s entry-level car.) The short-stroke, overhead-valve powerplant displaced 2.0 liters (1971 cc) and made its 100 hp at 5000 rpm, whereas the six had made 110 hp at 5800 rpm. Yet the four matched the six’s torque output of 118 lb-ft, achieving this figure at 3500 rpm instead of 4200 rpm. And it was lighter in weight.