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1972 Porsche RSR 911 360 0019/20

1972 Porsche RSR 911

When the idea came up of producing a series of race cars for the mainly-amateur racers who drove such GT vehicles in the early 1970s, the factory management was skeptical as to whether it would prove to be a profitable venture. After all, the factory had been in this line of business for many years, selling Porsche 356s modified for competition, then 911s, from their very first introduction in 1964.

After the first few 1964/65/66 cars, they had been called “911S 2.0 Rallye” in 1967, “911R” also in 1967 but a “production run” in 1968, 911L/Rallye (Group 2), and T/Rs, (light 911T chassis, with tuned engines, mainly to customer taste, in 1968), and then from 1969-1972, the S/T, (race/rally modified 911 Ss).

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