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1966 Porsche 906 Screams Around Spa-Francorchamps!

The Porsche 906 was officially marketed as Carrera 6 and was a racing model. Like the 904, the Porsche 906 was to receive homologation for the sports car class of the sports car world championship. The  906 was produced for the 1966 World Championship of Makes.

It was designed for the FIA’s Group 4 regulations, whilst modified variants of the car, using larger engines and/or cut-down Spyder bodywork, were entered in Group 6, the  Sports Prototype category. The 906 became the last street-legal ‘pure’ racer built by Porsche

Now, we have the opportunity to witness it in action thanks to this video shared by Belgian-Motorsport on YouTube. Enjoy the unfiltered and intense sound of its flat-6 engine revving up to its limits around Spa-Francorchamps!