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100+ Dazzlingly Detailed Singer Porsche Manual Gearbox Pictures

Shifting Gears in a Singer Doesn't Suck At All

Singer Vehicle Design Inspiration – The Manual Gearbox

I couldn’t care less what lap time cars can do at the Nurburgring, or how much they weigh, or whether there are those who will typecast its drivers. I want cars that are joyous to drive, purely for the sake of driving. I want escapism that if I’m brutally honest, probably won’t be possible much longer. For me, it is about enjoyment, excitement and fascination with cars that deliver unique and precious driving experiences. Overall, it is all about sensational cars. To look at, to sit in, to listen to and to drive. Not in a straight line but on the finest local back roads. Acceleration and speed might be measurable metrics, and to have more than a sufficiency under your right foot is fun. A Singer Porsche at dawn on a great road can be an experience so intense, so wild, so multi-faceted, so vividly rendered, that it tingles your senses for hours after and stays in memory forever. That is why the details matter, why things as simple as the gearknob shape, color, feel and design matter. With that, lets take you through an inspiring gallery of Singer Porsche gearbox pictures that showcase that detail.

Singer Porsche Manual Gearbox

Photo Credit: Singer Vehicle Designs