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VIDEO: Lorenzo’s Million Mile Porsche 356

This is no ordinary Porsche

“I’ve had so many great times in it, all over the world. Even the Eskimos like it!”

As you may have guessed, this is no ordinary Porsche; Lorenzo has owned his 356-A since he was 21, and in his over 50 years of ownership he has put over a million miles on the clock. Along with his Million Mile Porsche, he has lived a mind blowingly full life. For many, “being spontaneous” means an unplanned trip to the beach or going out on a whim, but for Lorenzo it means throwing his adventure bag into his little Porsche and hitting the road; sometimes just to go to Julian, other times to go on a 15,000 mile road trip along the edge of North America to meet the Eskimos.

“I’ll get a call to visit a friend in another state, throw my bag in the car, and hit the road”, he told me “at the very least I know it’ll always be a good time if I’m in my Porsche”. Aside from all the crazy adventures, and the cool car, the thing that is most admirable about Lorenzo is his profound appreciation for the little things in life.

Even though he has embarked on countless journeys that many people only experience in their dreams, he’s just as happy driving his car 5 minutes from his house to hang out with the many friends he’s made at sunset cliffs as he is racing through the deserts of Mexico or Europe; as long as he’s with his car, nothing else matters.