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VIDEO: Insane Nürburgring Lap in a Porsche 911 GT3 RS

Most people know that I obsess over Nürburgring Lap times (our fastest production Nürburgring Lap times post is testament to that), but the truth is that I have never sat down and watched a full lap. Blame boredom or Corona virus but I stumbled on this in-car video of a Porsche Weissach 991.2 GT3 RS (one of my favorite Porsche models) being driven by Porsche factory race driver Le Mans winner Kevin Estre. For once I sat down and watched an entire lap. Holy crap, it is absolutely amazing and terrifying. 

For background, this is the identical car used by Kevin on his record a 6:56 lap, with suspension set up for the Nordschleife by the race team, however the car on this day was fitted with the standard Cup N2 tyres, not the faster Cup R tyres as used on the record lap. This car was loaned for the day by the Porsche factory to raise money charity. Stability control was switched off during the lap, but traction control was left on to save rear tyre wear. 

I highly recommend you turn up the volume, sit back and enjoy the show.