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In 2017, at the Geneva Motor Show, Porsche introduced the Sport Tourismo version. It is like a station wagon but has the look of a Shooting Brake. With this design, the Panamera is further away from the 911 rear design. A larger trunk means more space for luggage and golf bags. If the rear seats are folded, the total trunk space can reach 1390 liters (49 cu-ft). In 2017, Porsche installed a V8-diesel engine in the Panamera Sport Tourismo.
In the Panamera 4S Diesel, a V8 with 310 kW/422 hp generates powerful thrust and a maximum torque of 850 Nm. And our friends in Europe love that kind of power in a sports sedan, which is why Porsche built this car for them. Add some all-wheel-drive security and Diesel mileage, and the Panamera 4S Diesel may be the ultimate cross-continent cruiser.
In May 2011, Porsche unveiled the diesel version for its four-door Panamera. With the introduction of that version, it switched from a road runner to a long cruiser luxury sports-sedan. Porsche didn't want to lose that market and decided to offer a diesel version for the Panamera. Since the car was designed for long travels, a diesel engine would give it a range of over 1200 km (746 miles). After the initial shock of its regular customers, soon the orders started to pick-up.